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Have you checked your Facebook profile lately? What does it say about the professional side of you? Is it adding to your Personal Brand?

If I go by empirical data, chances are it says very little – or so it seems for most profiles I visit. Even when there is some information, it is usually visible only to friends.

Why would you want to post professional information on Facebook? And make it public? You have LinkedIn for that. Let me start by asking a question: When you go to a party, what do you say to someone who enquires about your work? You give a suitable answer, right? Do you ever say you are out socializing, and will answer the question in office?

The same applies on Facebook too. Just because it is primarily a social platform, it does not mean you don’t talk about your education and work under the ‘About’ tab. Leaving it blank or incomplete can be a big mistake. If someone is passing by casually with an opportunity, and wants to look you up, what will happen if they can’t figure out who you are? You may not know what you may have LOST OUT on a great JOB opportunity.

Casual conversations in a social environment can often open doors to opportunities that you may not have been expecting, and do wonders for your career. The same can happen on Facebook.

What works for Facebook is the element of surprise, and striking conversations with people with their guard down. If you meet someone in a business setting, they are judging you microscopically and you have to make a special effort to win them over. The Facebook environment may be casual and friendly, but this also means people look at you with a relaxed frame of mind. They are not worrying about conspiracy theories and one-upmanship; they will be receptive about you in a friendly way.

And do make your profile PUBLIC for all to see – keep your telephone and home address private if you like, but do allow the world to know you better. They cannot hurt you with the information – you can only benefit.

How do you make Facebook work for your PERSONAL BRAND? Read more in my book on Personal Branding – SUPER BRAND YOU (http://superbrandyou.com). Still have a question? Ping me on ajay@ajayjain.com

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