Don’t Feel Stupid at 60

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Don't Feel Stupid at 60

Don’t Feel Stupid at 60: A book by Ajay Jain

From the Back Cover

We have only one life. Unless proven otherwise. And we get a chance to live it only once. No re-takes. It is a one way street. And, barring some real bad luck, we will all hit 60 someday.

It will then be a time to reflect back on the life gone by. And take stock. Of what we have done and not done over the years. Decisions taken and been glad. Or regretted. The quality of life led.

And when you do, would you want to feel stupid about it? And kick yourself for pursuing what seems insignificant on hindsight, in the process wasting an opportunity to have lived life to the full?

This book is a compilation of ideas to make your life more fulfilling, enriched and healthy. It is not a to-do manual, but offers a suggestive course. To prompt you to think about the choices you must make.

After all, it is your life. How do you want to live yours?

Don’t Feel Stupid at 60  is now available and priced at Rs. 195 in India. International prices: US $14.95, UK ₤11.95, EU €12.95. Click here to order.

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