kunzum-rajasthan-shekhawati-hcShekhawati is literally one big open air museum. Add colour, food and bazaars to it and you have a holiday destination for all. Bonus comes in the form of great places to stay and, if you ask the right people, an opportunity to buy genuinely old artifacts and artistic items of household use. You could even buy an old haveli and own some historical real estate for yourself. Shekhawati is a region comprising many towns and villages, not easy to keep track of. It fell on an important trading route in the past.

If you see the dry arid landscape of Shekhawati, and commerce limited to small time trading and subsistence agriculture, the once-opulent havelis or mansions built by the Marwari trading class seem out of place. But these are the main attraction for visitors, with their artistic frescos and intricate carvings.

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