Invitation to Join AJ's Book Club

I enjoy reading. And writing even more so. And thus AJ’s Book Club. To interact with those who love their books. So we can talk about the worlds we discover between the pages for ourselves, with our own interpretations of what we have read.

I am an author, a photographer, and a traveller. And I invite you to be a part of AJ’s Book Club.

Ajay Jain

What Can Members Expect in AJ's Book Club?

Book Reviews & Reading Lists

Don’t we all wonder what to read next? Our panel of experts share their reviews of books and reading lists for you to pick from. Of course, members are welcome to share their own recommendations too.
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Events & Workshops

Book launches and readings, networking sessions, writing workshops and more – we love events. And will make sure there are ample for you to be a part of.
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Members Meet & Talk

We encourage members to meet in the real world and online. To share their thoughts, ideas, queries, recommendations and more. And make new friends.
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For Those Who Want to Write

We all have a story to tell. And deep within, we have a desire to be published. Access tips – and loads of encouragement – from other authors, editors and publishers to pursue and hone your craft. Drop us a line if you have queries.
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Your Own E-Mag

We generate loads of content daily. We package them as e-mags and send out weekly over email and WhatsApp so you don’t miss out on any features and deals.
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Special Offers & Deals

Who can grudge a good deal? Publishers and booksellers are always happy to offer more than one to our members. Keep an eye out.
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