Super Brand You

Your Personal Brand matters – if you want to ride the exponential curve to success!

In a fair and ideal world, your talent and hard work should be enough to give you rock star status at work. But sheen matters. The scales often tilt in favour of those with a superior personal brand equity. How you are understood by people, their opinion of you, and the positioning you have created in their minds about yourself – all of these give a form to your brand.

This book shows how everyone can, and should be, a brand to reckon with – using tools and platforms accessible to all. No matter what you do, you have to be a brand in yourself. You could be the CEO of a blue chip company in New York, or a largely-forgotten software coder sitting amongst thousands in Bangalore, there is always potential to project a better and stronger image of yourself.

YOU too can be a SUPER BRAND. Put in that smart effort to show the world your true worth. Remember: YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOUR BRAND. AND YOUR BRAND IS AS GOOD AS YOU.