Freedom Is In the Air… We Breathe!

Daedalus crafted wings of wax and feathers, enabling his son Icarus to fly away from imprisonment in Crete. It worked, but the young man ignored his father’s instructions and flew too close to the sun in his exuberance. The wax melted, and he fell to his death in the sea. There is a lesson – and a warning – for us in this myth!

Elephant Justice Killed Man. Mob Justice Followed!

A peaceful elephant road crossing would have stayed so had a man not been trampled by one of the herd. The man would have been alive had he – and scores of others – not shouted, heckled and honked. The ruckus disturbed the giant mammals and one of them lost his – or her – cool leading to the tragedy.


I travelled. For over a decade. Met people. Strangers. Each different. And yet not so much so. They all share an identity. They are Indians.

This book is a portrait. And a reflection.

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Don’t Feel Stupid at 60

This book is a compilation of ideas to make your life more fulfilling, enriched and healthy. It is not a to-do manual, but offers a suggestive course. To prompt you to think about the choices you must make. After all, it is your life. How do you want to live yours?