About Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain is an author, photographer, blogger and journalist.

And a traveller. Literally. And metaphorically.

He has been travelling the world for close to two decades, but his first love has been driving across the Indian subcontinent. At last count, he had clocked over 100,000 kms (60,000 miles) in his car; mega journeys have included traversing the entire motorable span of the Himalayas cutting across India, Nepal and Bhutan.

His outlook towards life has been that of an explorer, on a perpetual quest for discovery by trying his hand at different things. He secured degrees in engineering and management, followed by conventional careers in technology and sports management, before taking to journalism, writing and photography as his full-time vocation.

After earning a masters in journalism from the UK, Ajay wrote for leading media, published his own youth newspaper, pursued blogging professionally and then sat down to write books. On travel, marketing and personal development. And fiction too . He also set up the popular Kunzum Travel Café, a social hub also serving as a gallery for his photographic art.

The human connect has always appealed to Ajay, and he has derived greatest satisfaction from his work on portraitures – visual and written. And thus Nikita, his first work of fiction based on a true story.