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A page-turner of a story you will not be able to put down

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Run Nikita, Run

Nikita just wanted to catch a train to the big city. To be a model. And a fashion designer.

And to find someone who loved and respected her.

She ended up running. Running for her life. Running for her happiness.

Running from men who pawned her aspirations. Or could not live up to her trust.

Till she called out the demons within, and showed them to be the cowards they were. That’s when she overcame her own fear of existence. And started running for herself.

Fate might have been in a grumpy mood when Nikita crossed its path. Leaving her homeless, broke and broken. But Nikita refused to give up. Or give in.

And kept running. Did she get to where she wanted to be?


Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain is an author, photographer and traveller. He has written eleven (at last count) print books and over fifty e-books.

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