My Books

The following books have been written by me. This list is only for those published on paper; e-books are listed separately.

Travel Books

* Peep Peep Don’t Sleep: A collection of funny roads signs and ads in India. (

* Kunzum Travel List 1-25 and 26-50 (Two Volumes): A collection of 50 travelogues from across India and Nepal (

* Delhi 101: 101 surprising ways to discover Delhi (

* Postcards from Ladakh: A pictorial travelogue on Ladakh (

Non-Travel Books

Super Brand You: A guide to building your Personal Brand as a professional (

* Don’t Feel Stupid at 60: A thought provoking yet humorous book on how to lead a happy and fulfilling life so we don’t feel stupid when we look back on our lives when we turn 60 (

* Let’s Connect: Using LinkedIn to Get Ahead at Work: How to use, the world’s hottest professional networking site, to benefit you at work (

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  1. Gautam Kalawatia says:

    plz mail me soft copy of ur book.
    Address me where we purchase the book in kolkata

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