Everyone Needs to Behave Like an Environmentalist. To Restore the Planet’s Health.

What is wrong on our planet? I don’t need to tell you; the likes of David Attenborough have been warning us for years through visuals and words a seven year old would understand.

Maybe Mr. Attenborough needs to change his tone so adults also listen – we are in trouble, and the window of opportunity to improve things is closing fast. Sceptics may not agree but I believe scientists when they say that the current decade could decide the future of life on Earth.

We are going down fast, and it will require each one of us to be an environmentalist. We cannot wait for others to do the needful; even Governments cannot be trusted to. But what can citizens do what authorities are not able to?

Cut down on material consumption. Burn fuel and energy only when needed to. Plant trees so biodiversity improves. Reduce food intake including that of meats. Minimise waste – reuse and recycle what you can, dispose responsibly what you cannot. Let eco-nomy be the barometer of your achievements rather than economy.

Very importantly, demand action from authorities and even corporations. Exercise your rights for a cleaner and healthier life as citizens. Demand accountability for better management of things of public interest – water bodies, forests, the air we breathe in, and dumping grounds for waste. Seek a ban on unnecessary and excessive use of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture. Demand investments in renewable energy sources. The list can go on.

Each of us is busy in our own occupation – as employees, entrepreneurs, independent workers, students, homemakers – but we need to don an additional hat. Of an environmentalist.

We made the planet sick. We made ourselves sick. Only we can doctor ourselves now.

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